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What I’ve Been Up To, Part 1

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Just realized that I haven’t blogged in over four months and I hate leaving my four readers hanging, so I’m going to attempt to make up for it all in one post.  I had kicked around handling several of these topics separately, but I’ve had some serious writers’ block interspersed with my normal malaise.  As a result, here’s a recap of Puko’s World since July.

Okay, I did nothing in August.

In September, I went to Europe.  London, then Belgium, with a side day trip to Amsterdam.  London was incredible, as it was every time I’ve been there.  Here are some highlights (in convenient bullet form):

  • Very high cut denim skirts with fancy leggings and high boots are all the rage.  I suspect the same will be true in the States shortly.  I encourage all females to jump on the bandwagon now.
  • There were also a number of females wearing what I’d call scuba pants.  Don’t see these catching on in the US, but they were mesmerizing at times.
  • I saw the Magna Carta and the Rosetta Stone, neither of which I’d seen before.  I then got back to the hotel and Wikipedia’ed the Magna Carta and the Rosetta Stone as I had no idea of the significance of either.
  • I went to a soccer match at Craven Cottage in SW London.  Due to maintenance on the tube (that’s the subway for you Yanks), we had to get off early and switch to a cab.  I’ve never had a smoking hot, 28-year old blonde cab driver before.  Seemed like the start of a Cinemax movie, if I hadn’t been the male lead.  Shockingly, I think I was more attracted to her awesome driving skills that got us to the match on time.

Then it was on to Belgium.  Great country, four days of mussels, frites, and waffles.  I also did a six-hour walking guided beer tour, which was among the six greatest hours of my life.  The final beer, a rare Belgian that is not available in the US, is referred to by the locals as “Angels Pissing on Your Tongue”.  I’m not 100% sure I believe in angels, but if they do exist, and they happened to urinate in some manner that a drop splashed near my mouth, and I accidentally tasted it, it could taste like this beer.

Took a side trip to Amsterdam.  Was glad I did it, as the city is quite pretty and stops like the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s House were very worthwhile.  I did walk along the Red Light District for a bit.  The smell of pot coming from the coffee shops was overwhelming.  As were the hookers in the windows, rapping on the glass and gesturing to get the attention of passers-by.  While the typical Dutch prostitute is substantially better looking than most of the hookers I’ve seen (I used to have to drive through Kensington frequently), it’s incredibly depressing to see women basically being sold like lamps or clothing.  Not my scene.

The week I got back, I did an 80+ mile bike ride to the Jersey shore because I’m a friggin machine.  Oh, and to raise money for MS.

In October, I had what many consider to be a milestone birthday.  I sort of believe in time as an abstract, so I’ve never put a ton of stock in birthdays, but I guess this is one that was supposed to make me feel old.  The weekend itself was quite good with stops at Sampan, Misconduct, Noche, Lucky Dog, Monk’s, and Brick American Eatery, along with a fall festival in Philly, seeing Chelsea Peretti at Helium, and going to a pumpkin beer fest at the City Tap House.  Good food, good beer, good company–no complaints.  I’ve thought about starting to blog primarily about bars and restaurants as I’ve been to over 150 places in the past couple years.  Also makes me think that I might need a sponsor.

From there, life took a shocking turn…

(Not really–I just ran out of steam.  Will post Part 2 tomorrow.  Or possibly in March.)

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