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A Major Accident

January 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Today I was driving west on 76 when I witnessed a very violent, one-car accident directly in front of me. A car veered off to the right, slammed into the retaining wall (drawing sparks and going up on two wheels), then shot across three lanes and slammed into the median head-on, before bouncing backwards to the middle lane.

I was the front car in the left lane, so I came to a dead stop, in part to keep traffic at bay, but also to try to help. And realistically, my help consisted solely of having my friend call 911, getting the guy away from the car, and directing some traffic around the wreck. But I suppose it’s good karma for me and the other three people who got out to help.

Now I got to thinking that if I had been going 5 mph faster, or if I’d run a yellow light at 30th Street, or if I’d been fiddling with the radio, there’s a good chance I would’ve been involved in this. This isn’t some spiritual awakening, or a vow to live life to its fullest going forward because most likely, I’ll spend tomorrow night watching like fifteen episodes of Cheers or something. But, it does make me appreciate the roles that chance, luck, and timing play in this world. The best laid plans can be undone by wrong place, wrong time and, I suppose, being in the right place at the right time can undo a lot of mistakes.

Now back to the nonsense posts.

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Puko’s World in Photos, Week 1

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Quick update on my New Year’s Resolutions one week in:  I haven’t written a speech, I haven’t joined match, and I haven’t lost weight.  BUT, I have stuck to my goal of a picture a day.  Here’s what I’ve got.  I swear these will get better over time, so bear with me.

January 1, 2013:  New Year’s Aftermath


I hosted a NYE party this year.  By party, I mean six people came over.  I’m not a huge NYE fan, and I’ve been asleep by 11:00 more often than not, but this year, I had some people over.  And rather than default to my usual decorations (i.e. a pile of Christmas cards I got), I actually bought junk to hang/put on the walls, and a cardboard hat that didn’t fit my huge cranium.  This is the extent of the decorations after cleanup the next day.  For some reason I felt the need to put them in storage, you know, just in case 2013 comes around again.

January 2, 2013:  Tofu and Asparagus


It was admittedly a slow day.  But I took a photo of my go-to healthy meal, tofu and asparagus over brown rice.  It’s actually delicious and very easy to make.  Beneath the meal is the custom placemat that was given to me last year.  It’s a picture of a chef with “Putro” written across it.  The ‘O’ is in the top right, partially obscured by the plate.  Funny story about the plate:  In 1997, after a year of living with Novak post-college, we had a “draft” to divide up the common goods in the apartment.  I had the first pick and took the set of dishes.  Fifteen years later, the set is generally intact.  I lost one plate, nothing else.

January 3, 2013:  Woof Woof


I got this for Christmas this year.  Every year, my dad asks me what I want, and my wants are pretty meager.  So this year, the only thing I wanted is the camera that I’m using to take these pictures.  To my surprise on Christmas Day, I opened a box and found this metallic dachshund.  I know my dad and stepmom like to spend the same amount on all the kids, so this was a filler because I didn’t ask for anything else.  But it’s also because I’ve often talked of getting a dachshund, but never have for a number of reasons.  Upon seeing it, my friend Lety named it Woof Woof.  It stuck.

January 4, 2013:  17th and Addison


I was walking with my friend to dinner in Philly and we passed this street and a girl was taking a picture, so I figured I should too.  The prettiness of the street doesn’t really translate in this photo, but it was cool to see in person.

I haven’t read the instruction manual for the camera.

January 5, 2013:  “The Trailer”


I was at a viewing on Saturday at the church / school I went to growing up.  When I was in school, this same trailer had a two-fold use.  First, in the finest Catholic way of dealing with things, kids whose parents were divorced had to go to this trailer for counseling.  Of course, the ancillary effect was to ostracize them.  It was also used for testing for the mentally gifted program.  Thus, I ended up going to the trailer, and I’m happy to say, I was the only member of the IHM Class of ’86 to be in mentally gifted.  (Note:  Tim Novak was also a member of this class.)  Being in MG was a giant pain in the ass, as I had to go to the weird public school one day a week with kids a year older than me, and all I really did was learn about diabetes and dissect a frog.  But I guess it was better than my brother’s MG experience which resulted in him being stranded on a corner in the worst part of North Philly while prompting a legendary meltdown by my parents.

January 6, 2013:  Pops


My dad turned 69 on Thursday, and we had a birthday dinner for him today.  Chinese food and wine, nothing big.  I tried to take a picture of him as he blew out his candles, but I screwed up the flash, so I took this picture a couple seconds later.  I know he looks very stern and / or annoyed, but I actually think he’s eating a nut or something.  My sister is in the back, by stepmother’s back is in the foreground.  My goal for this coming week is to work on my angles.

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2013 New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2013 1 comment

Another new year is upon us.  I believe time is an abstract and too much importance is senselessly put on years and ages (and time zones), but I nonetheless feel the need to put forth some resolutions as the calendar slips into another year.  And while I expect to hit around.300 on these, they remain, in theory, a good guideline for me for 2013.

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