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A Major Accident

Today I was driving west on 76 when I witnessed a very violent, one-car accident directly in front of me. A car veered off to the right, slammed into the retaining wall (drawing sparks and going up on two wheels), then shot across three lanes and slammed into the median head-on, before bouncing backwards to the middle lane.

I was the front car in the left lane, so I came to a dead stop, in part to keep traffic at bay, but also to try to help. And realistically, my help consisted solely of having my friend call 911, getting the guy away from the car, and directing some traffic around the wreck. But I suppose it’s good karma for me and the other three people who got out to help.

Now I got to thinking that if I had been going 5 mph faster, or if I’d run a yellow light at 30th Street, or if I’d been fiddling with the radio, there’s a good chance I would’ve been involved in this. This isn’t some spiritual awakening, or a vow to live life to its fullest going forward because most likely, I’ll spend tomorrow night watching like fifteen episodes of Cheers or something. But, it does make me appreciate the roles that chance, luck, and timing play in this world. The best laid plans can be undone by wrong place, wrong time and, I suppose, being in the right place at the right time can undo a lot of mistakes.

Now back to the nonsense posts.

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